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Admission Requirements

Canadian Students

Pursuant to the College Education Regulations, section 4, for the Attestation of College Studies, A person who has received instruction considered sufficient by the college and meets any one of the following conditions:

  • The person has interrupted his or her full-time studies or pursued full-time postsecondary studies for at least 2 consecutive terms or 1 school year1;
  • The person is covered by an agreement entered into between the college and an employer or by a government program of studies;
  • The person has interrupted his or her full-time studies for one term and pursued full-time postsecondary studies for one term; or
  • The person holds a Secondary School Vocational Diploma.
Fees for Domestic students*:
  • $ 16000
International Students

The program focuses on the specific training skills of the Diploma of College Studies in Accounting and Management Techniques in connection with accounting and financial management, business start-up, etc.) were excluded from the program in favor of knowledge relating to computerized accounting and financial Management.

  • 50% in academic & 6.0 overall (5.5) in IELTS/PTE accepted
Fees for International students*:
  • $ 23900
  • Our fees also includes one year Health insurance charges for international students
  • We offer $1000 scholarship to all the Students.
Program Details
Duration: 24 months (1095 hours)
* This program is offered in English and French.
Collège Avalon recognizes as sufficient training:
  • A holder of a Secondary School Diploma or the equivalent issued by a school board;
  • A person with professional experience related to the program’s field of specialization;
  • A person with relevant training related to the program’s field of specialization

Presentation of program

The program is almost entirely based on the technical competencies of the reference DEC, i.e. 18 competenciesout of 26. The College has retained the competencies dealing with self-management, the skills and knowledge of managing a business in the era of e-commerce, using IT in day-to-day and inventory management, and opening up to international markets.

Educational objectives

In accordance with the goals of technical training, the specific training component of the Business management program aims to:

  • Make the person component in carrying out their profession, i.e. enable them, from the moment they enter the workforce, to perform the roles, duties, tasks and activities associated with that profession;
  • Encourage the integration of the person into professional life, especially through knowledge of the labour market in general and in the specific context of the chosen profession;
  • Promote the development and deepening of the person’s professional knowledge;
  • Encourage the person’s professional mobility by enabling them, among other things, to acquire the means to manage their career, in particular by making them aware of entrepreneurship.
It aims to provide students with all the key concepts through
  • Application of management software for analytical, financial and inventory management purposes;
  • Marketing, promotional and customer service strategies;
  • Commercial and international law;
  • Budget management and expenditure tracking;
  • Sales in international markets.

Each session of the program includes a course in integrating learning, starting with basic management and culminating in the management of a project that comes closer to the realityof a business manager.

Competencies that were not retained cover English, sales team management and the physical layout of a business.These competencies were removed to encourage the acquisition ofspecific competencies directly linked to professional tasks in financial management, marketing, personnel management, customer management, and in international trade.

Program goals

The profile corresponds to 0621 – Retail and wholesale trade managers of the National Occupational Classification.

Duties for which students are prepared for, include:
  • Plan, direct and evaluate the operations of establishments engaged in wholesale and retail sales or of departments in such establishments;
  • Manage staff and assign duties;
  • Study market research and trends to determine consumer demand, potential sales volumes and effect of competitors' operations on sales;
  • Determine merchandise and services to be sold, and implement price and credit policies;
  • source, select and procure merchandise for resale;
  • Develop and implement marketing strategies;
  • Plan budgets, authorize expenditures, and monitor revenues;
  • Resolve customer complaints;
  • Address staffing requirements, including the hiring, development and retention of staff.
Job titles that graduates of the program hold include:
  • Assistant manager–retail
  • Car dealership manager
  • Department head –retail
  • Department manager - retail
  • Manager of chain retail stores
  • Owner of retail business
  • Retail store manager

At the end of the program, graduates will be able to:

  • Effectively market the goods and services offered;
  • Operate current database, financial tracking and analytical software;
  • Apply a management process specific to the realities and needs of a retail business;
  • Prepare and manage an operating budget; use accounting information for decision-making purposes;
  • Trading in international markets;
  • Ensure their integration into the workplace.

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