Avalon College welcomes students free of charge

Montreal, January 17, 2022 – While many colleges have announced their closure and several programs are currently suspended, Avalon College is ready to welcome international students who are affected by these closures and who wish to complete their studies free of charge. additional.

Collège Avalon proposes to cover all tuition fees until students complete their program. Compensation will be offered for credits completed and already incurred fees, provided that they submit the necessary documentation and that it corresponds to a program offered by Collège Avalon.

Priority to student success

“International students are a real asset for Quebec, especially given current labour shortages. Therefore, Collège Avalon is doing everything possible to mitigate the impact of college closures. We invite all those affected by this unfortunate situation to contact us so we can quickly identify a solution that will allow them to complete their studies,” said Martin Houde, Director of Collège Avalon.

About Collège Avalon

Avalon College is a college-based educational institution established in Quebec since 1995 whose mission is to encourage students to realize their dreams and allow them to shape their future. Building on 25 years of experience and success in high quality adult education, Avalon College has expanded its services by adding a full range of business programs and courses designed specifically to increase employability within of an ever-changing world.

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