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Curious About the Financial Benefits of Learning English?

Calculate how much more you could earn

Have you ever wondered how much more you could earn by improving your language skills? With our user-friendly calculator, you can easily discover the financial rewards of mastering English, taking the guesswork out of the equation.

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By improving my English, I can earn an additional:


Per Month


Per Year


Over the rest of my career

Over the rest of my career, that’s enough for:


Starbucks coffees


iPhone 14s


Family Vacations

From Language Skill to Financial gain

The power of English Proficiency


Improving English has been shown to increase salaries by an average of 18%.


46% of employers say they will award larger salary increases to those who speak English.

It’s not just saying it- this is a global fact

Learning English can increase your salary no matter where you live or work.

This is how much your salary could increase when you become proficient in English

More than just money

The benefits don’t end there! Learning English has also been shown to increase happiness.


English proficiency has been shown to be linked to a 13% increase in happiness levels


  • Calculation based on an 18% increase in salary. Base salary values by country and age, taken from

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