French as a Second Language (FSL) course

Program Details

Duration : Flexible
Campus: Montreal & Quebec City
Language of instruction: English

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Par Ici encourages students to apply their new language skills in everyday situations. Par Ici encourages a communicative approach along with a learning curve within a predominantly North American perspective. Through teaching scenarios, students learn to know the different characters and absorb the dominant characteristics of the French language.

This method is an invention proposed by Quebec teachers. The main objective is to lead students to master the four skills – oral production, oral and written comprehension and reading comprehension – as specified in the Program guidelines. The Program corresponds to levels A1 to B2 of the CEFR – Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Promotional offer from January to March 2024! See fee updates below:

Program Fees

French levelsWeeksTuitionAdministration feesCourse MaterialsTotal fees
Beginner8$3480$200$150$ 3,830 $2,400
Elementary8$3480$200$150$ 3,830 $2,400
Pre-intermediate8$3480$200$150$ 3,830 $2,400
Intermediate8$3480$200$150$ 3,830 $2,400
High intermediate8$3480$200$150$ 3,830 $2,400
Advanced8$3480$200$150$ 3,830 $2,400
en_CAEnglish (Canada)

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