Business Acquisition and Management

Business Acquisition and Management

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(...) With the retirement of the baby boomers, there will be close to 90,000 businesses in Quebec that will have to be sold in the next few years. The problem is that we have only identified 40,000 entrepreneurs to buy these companies. There is therefore a huge shortfall for Quebec society since all these businesses are wealth creators, but risk finding no one to run them.    

LaPresse+, August 18, 2018

The program is given online in synchronous mode, therefore with a live teacher. You will have the opportunity to ask all your questions as if you were in class.


The program covers all the essential notions for the sound management of a company:

  • finance - business law - operations management - marketing and more
  • trainer-entrepreneurs who will tell you about their realities as entrepreneurs
  • Focused on the PRACTICE and realities of entrepreneurs.
  • Strong business management skills
  • Confidence to lead your business to success by making the right decisions
  • Credibility with business owners
  • Knowledge of the market and the resources that can help you in your project
  • Skills to avoid costly mistakes that can lead to bankruptcy
  • benefit from structures and resources already established at the outset
  • Evaluate the business prior to purchase (financial health, debt, revenue potential...)
  • have a salary/income from the start as a new owner
  • to obtain financing more easily (with the assets or from the seller)
  • I am planning to buy a business, but I am not familiar with the legal and financial instruments of the acquisition process.
  • I want to buy a franchise.
  • I am a manager and I would like to become a buyer one day.
  • I want to be an entrepreneur, but I haven't found a business idea that suits me.
  • I want to take over my family's business and I need to develop my entrepreneurial skills.



Distinguish the steps in the process of buying a business. Understanding the seller. Communicate better and ensure credibility. Negotiate intelligently.

Marketing planning
Design and implement a marketing plan. Allocate the budget for marketing. Follow up on the implementation of the marketing plan and evaluate the results.

Financial Analysis
Learn how to read, distinguish and extract information from financial statements. Analyze accounting and financial information for management purposes. Understand valuation concepts and be able to work with an appraiser. Acquire concepts that will be useful in the day-to-day management of the business after the acquisition. Distinguish the types of financing and be able to research and prepare a financing file. Know the main tax aspects of a business acquisition.

Business Law
Distinguish between the legal forms of companies. Know the obligations of stakeholders in a company. Distinguish between shares and assets, movable and immovable property. Be aware of the issues associated with social media. Know the different types of contracts and their application in the purchase of a business.

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Business acquisition and management (3)

Acquiring a business
Develop a business search plan. Understand the importance of meeting a business need. Know your competition and your customer profile.

Assessment of a business
Make a good diagnosis of the company: competitive advantage, strengths and weaknesses, its positioning in the market, its operations and its human resources.

Management of a company
Establish relevant operational objectives. Apply a rigorous planning and organization method. Use appropriate means to guide people towards the achievement of objectives. Adapt management methods and tools to the newly acquired company.

Budget planning
Prepare and manage an operating budget and ensure its control and follow-up.

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